Advisory and Consulting


  • Maine Streets Securities leverages out-of-the-box, solution-oriented advisement to yield top results utilizing the best money managers in the world.
  • We are a full-service investment consulting firm which utilizes the services of independent licensed agencies to provide exemplary services to our clients. Our leading team of independent third party licensed broker dealers and registered investment advisors offer solutions, services and access to proprietary technology relating to asset allocation, investment policy statement creation, manager transparency and selection, and performance analysis, including individualized benchmarks. Privately owned, we have the freedom to offer conflict-free, superior advice, without third party interest or interference. With over three decades of proven experience, our industry leaders understand the very meticulous financial “topography” that is complex, high-end investing. Investments can be made across the capital structure, with varying degrees of value driven strategies based on structures, economic ebbs and flow, favorable or unfavorable interest rates, and the terms. Our highly experience team has a proven track record in this complex and complicated financial arena and within market volatility. Our neutral stance gives us a unique capability to effectively balance your objectives and goals for ROI with the associated risks based on managers or value structure.

Investment consulting services include:

  • Asset allocation
  • Investment policy statement creation
  • Manager vetting and selection
  • Manager due diligence/transparency
  • Performance analysis and data reporting
  • Hiring and termination of managers
  • Tailored performance benchmarks
  • Comprehensive financial reporting
  • Independent third party professionals are licensed & registered investment advisors