Charitable giving is a personal choice, but in most cases, the funds are generally aggregated based on a list of value-driven factors. Often for family foundations, giving is also tied to preserving the family business and its respective wealth legacy. For many, it’s more about uniting around a common cause. However, all altruism is tied to the idea that giving makes a lasting impact on people and issues of import.

At Maine Streets Securities, we understand well, the impact that successful philanthropic planning has on a family’s collective legacy. Many do understand its importance in terms of the social and lasting impact it will leave on a community and the world at large. A charitable mission, no matter where the funds are ultimately allocated, is a way to collectively redefine a brand, while working together for one cause, both in a fiscal capacity and for the public good. As with traditional business, it requires funds management, an understanding in some instances of tax laws, and effective team productivity. But moreover, the underlying good it brings is for most, a “win”, no matter what the choice of charity. Philanthropic families seem to understand this intangible value. With privilege comes responsibility and families heavily involved in charitable giving, strive to insist upon the importance of preserving the family wealth generationally and to continue that legacy, not only for intrinsic goals, but for for the social impact great wealth can have on the world around us.

With a long and proven track record in philanthropic giving, we understand the time and effort it takes to meet charitable giving objectives and reach annual benchmarks. Strategy, funds allocation, foundation vetting, and defining the role of your organization in terms of involvement with respective charities – it can be all-consuming and quite daunting. Our network of independent Charitable Giving experts can lift some of the burdens off your team, while you still benefit from the fulfillment that comes with embarking on a path of philanthropy .